Tin tức về du lịch và khách sạn ở Mũi Né

We share not only precious experiences about traveling and hotels in Mui Ne paradise but also its attractive destinations and cuisine

  • Phan Thiet – Mui Ne Hotels

    17-11-2015 // 3,269 view(s)

    To have a meaningful and safe travels, you might learn in advance about Phan Thiet - Mui Ne and the tools you will need on the trip. What is that? Let’s find out with Mui Ne Sports Hotel in this article.

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  • Phan Thiet Hotel Prices

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    Phan Thiet hotel room rates in general and Mui Ne Sports Hotel room rates in particular have many differences. With the lowest-priced brand, Mui Ne Sports Hotel not olny brings the lowest prices for customers but also the priceless warmth and happiness.

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  • Phan Thiet Affordable Hotels

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    It’s worth mentioning about the beauty of Mui Ne beaches. Besides that beauty, Phan Thiet is also well known for its massive sand dunes. It sounds unbelievable but thanks to these two opposites, the beauty of Phan Thiet can be enriched and more unconventional. From Mui Ne Sports Hotel, you can rent a motorbike to go sightseeing Mui Ne Gold Sand Dune.

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  • Hotels in Mui Ne

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    One of the reasons why Mui Ne Sports Hotel voted as the prestigious getaway is that its lowest-cost brand has always been focused for many years. You can also favourably moving when choosing Mui Ne Sports Hotel because it was located right in the tourist center - Nguyen Dinh Chieu route. From here, you go sightseeing at historical Duc Thanh School and picturesque Phan Thiet University to enrich your cruise.

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  • Prices for Hotels in Mui Ne

    14-11-2015 // 4,785 view(s)

    Room rates for hotels in Mui Ne varies seasonally and rapidly by each time. You should take the time to contact the hotel first for your better prepared. Generally, the hotel room rates will fluctuate around 600,000 VND /night for 2* Hotel, 700,000 VND/night for 3* hotels and 2,000,000 VND/night for a 5 star standard.

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  • Cheap Mui Ne Vacations

    14-11-2015 // 2,761 view(s)

    What could be more wonderful, when you can not only enjoy your vacation in Mui Ne paradise but also control the travel cost. There is traveling experience in Mui Ne that you need to know to save on spending, this is the "top secret" to have cheap Mui Ne vacations that we are pleased to advise you below.

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  • List of Hotels in Mui Ne

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    In case you did not know, Mui Ne is the "capital" of large and small hotels. And one of them, Mui Ne Sports Hotel, aka low-price hotel in Mui Ne has always focused on creating customer benefits through building the best traveling services. You can’t speak Vietnamese? You are not familiar with roads in Phan Thiet land? Come to Mui Ne Sports Hotel will always be your right choice.

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